Why natural?

The great Greek physician Hippocrates was  quoted as saying "First, Do No Harm" and wrote a guideline to physicians outlining such in the Hippocratic Oath. Unfortunately, many physicians have been trained to go to pharmaceuticals first and worry about the side effects later. Remember, your doctor is a Doctor of "Medicine", not wellness. This was a sobering fact brought to my attention at the beginning of my journey by a Naturopathic Doctor who was originally a traditional Doctor of Medicine.

Incredible medicines have been created over the years that can truly be called miracle drugs but the goal in life is to never need those if we can avoid it. Staying truly healthy is about using natural means to sustain and support our bodies. Nature supplies all of those through the plants, barks, oils and minerals and we need to start there along with a good diet, exercise and plenty of water.

Your body comes with a immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria on a normal basis but with the influx of ever changing flu viruses, novel Covid Virus and bacterial strains that can be immune to antibiotics, you need more. We have used these products as a part of our life for the past 20 years and have avoided major illness.