About Eden's Bloom Wellness

We started Eden's Bloom Wellness to help in delivering solutions to building your immune systems in fighting off colds, viruses and other attacks on our immune systems.  For over 25-years we personally have used natural methods for our family to maintain health, fight disease, and treat ailments with great success. One of the methods has been using a proprietary blend of herbs and spices added to apple cider vinegar. 

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been taken as a folk remedy for hundreds of years. By itself, it has been used against infections, colds, viruses, and used for detoxification, weight loss, and to lower blood sugar.

We have created a blend of herbs and spices that, when combined with ACV, creates a powerful, immune-boosting tonic that makes plain ACV and traditional Fire Cider tonics pale in comparison.

In addition, we developed two other methods of taking this immune boosting blend for those that are unable to drink apple cider vinegar and to use in addition to the aple cider vinegar tonic. The Blooming Zest Tea and the Super Shot can be used daily or when you start to feel something coming on like a sore throat, aches, or chills.

You need to build up your immune system to fight Covid and all other viruses and attacks on your immune system and these products can help. These can also aid in the recovery of the virus as you need to build back up a healthy gut, detoxify and get back on your feet.

Here's To Your Health! - Christine & Howard