Long Covid

Long Covid refers to the long term ongoing symptoms related to having and recovering from Covid 19. This is a significant issue for many who have otherwise recovered from the virus but still have symptoms such as - fatigue, brain fog, headache, muscle pain and sleep problems.

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From the New York Times - Aug. 16, 2021

Can the Vaccinated Develop Long Covid After a Breakthrough Infection?

While some breakthrough cases among those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are inevitable, they are unlikely to result in hospitalization or death. But one important question about breakthrough infection that remains unanswered is: Can the vaccinated develop so-called long Covid?

Long Covid refers to a set of symptoms — such as severe fatigue, brain fog, headache, muscle pain and sleep problems — that can persist for weeks or months after the active infection has ended. The syndrome is poorly understood, but studies suggest that between 10 and 30 percent of adults who catch the virus may experience long Covid, including those who experienced only mild illness or no symptoms at all.

But the vast majority of data collected about long Covid has been in the unvaccinated population. The risk of developing long Covid for the fully vaccinated who get infected after vaccination hasn’t been studied. FULL ARTICLE